Premium Multi Lingual Customer Service and Outbound Customer Monetization

In addition to our fulfillment services we offer call center services through our dedicated call centre operation US, Canada, South America and Europe. Our highly trained and experienced team can handle your customer calls effectively and efficiently. Rapid call center provides 24/7 customer service for our clients of all sizes in English, Spanish, German and French. In addition to world class customer service, our clients see a huge decrease in chargebacks and refunds using our incentivized offers over the phone to keep the product.

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Customer Service

We are specialized in providing 24/7 customer service , and debt collection services. Our service solutions are highly technology / AI driven to provide the best performance and most cost-effective results.

Live Pay Per Call BPO

Sales is our DNA, providing top level end-to-end sales (New Acquisition & Retention) and live transfers services. Volume and quality are ensured through our highly experienced sales teams, technology, and QA.

Back-office / Data validation

We specialize in Business Process Outsourcing, by using smart innovative solutions in combination with a highly qualified workforce. We take care of your Back Office and Data Validation BPO needs, from effective follow-up on your leads to back-office work.

AI Virtual Agent

Reduce costs while increasing productivity with our practical applications of AI. Enable customer self-service options with Rapid Phone Virtual Agent and provide real-time coaching with Agent Assist to deliver immediate results.

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