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Order Fulfillment for E-COMMERCE & MAIL ORDER

At Rapid Fulfillment Services LLC we offer a wide range of fulfillment services. From receiving orders, warehousing, order pick & pack, (pick pack) to inventory management and worldwide shipping. Whether you’re an established multi-channel brand or a small-start up expanding your online or mail order sales, we guarantee that we can fulfill your business needs, supporting you with solutions to grow your domestic or international customer base.

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Premium Customer Service Experience RAPID PHONE CENTER SERVICES

Premium Multi Lingual Customer Service and Outbound Customer Monetization

In addition to our fulfillment services we offer call center services through our dedicated call centre operation US, Canada, South America and Europe. Our highly trained and experienced team can handle your customer calls effectively and efficiently. Rapid call center provides 24/7 customer service for our clients of all sizes in English, Spanish, German and French. In addition to world class customer service, our clients see a huge decrease in chargebacks and refunds using our incentivized offers over the phone to keep the product.

What sets us apart is our dedication to boosting our clients revenue. In addition to customer service we offer a number of money making opportunities.

Make money from your partial sales data: If your prospect didn’t buy your product, let us give it a try on the phone. We will close 30% of all connects on a flat CPA basis creating a huge new revenue stream that might otherwise be lost. If you don’t want more sales because of merchant account volume limitations, we can still buy your leads and send the sales to other approved 3rd party vendors.

Make money from your Customer Data: You have a happy customer but that is half the battle if you want to be profitable. Now it’s time to let Boost go to work and generate more income by calling your customer and doing a warm confirmation order call. On a CPA basis, we confirm the order and then sell them one of your approved up-sells or an approved 3rd party up-sell if you don’t have one. Most of the time this sale could be double or even triple the original order.

All outbound sales services are provided on a performance basis. Our clients only incur a cost when a sale is generated. We only charge a fee when you make money!

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  • Inbound customer service calls
  • Email and ticket support
  • Live chat support
  • Interactive voice recognition services

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Welcome to Rapid Fulfillment Services LLC, where we specialise in providing fulfillment solutions for e-commerce and mail order businesses of varying sizes and needs, serving customers in the US and worldwide.

Our services cover warehousing, order processing, pick & pack, through to inventory management, US and Worldwide shipping. Our friendly and efficient team offer so much more than simply fulfilling your customer orders. We like to work in partnership with our clients, creating and evolving the right fulfillment solutions for them to help build their online customer base both in domestic and international markets. We have supported many clients to grow from shipping a few hundred orders a month, to many thousands each and every month.

We work hard to meet and exceed our clients expectations, taking the pain out of fulfillment logistics, and pride ourselves on consistent, dependable delivery. Trust Rapid Fulfillment Services to handle your order fulfillment, many others do.